Crypt Of The Macabre

Just in time for, Christmas. Ah, shit. 

Please enjoy! It’s good to be back. 

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Dear friends, our absence is all Jim’s fault. He’s sorry. 

We didn’t get a chance to review the films we picked, but we got together anyway to bullshit for all of you. 

Enjoy it! 

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Our 50th episode! 

We can't believe we've been doing this for 50 years. Here's to 50 more episodes with all you you wonderful bastards.


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These are our favorite episodes to record. We count up the votes and award this year's Slimy Limey, list our latest top ten favorite British & overall horror films and listen to the cleaning ladies pop bubble wrap. 

Who will win this year? I'll give you a hint—the lead actor in the film was not in Batteries Not Included. 


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Slimy Limey final voting! 

Fantastic discussions! 



Official reviews! 

The Librarian is a dick! 

Bill Lustig! 


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February is here, lovers and we have a new episode for you to embrace. 

We're back to talk about two drastically different films, read some great email from listeners and go over the preliminary voting for the third Slimy Limeys. Man, we love this shit so much. 

Remember Danny Lyons! 

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Happy New Year! 

Here is the first episode of 2017. Join us as we discuss another fantastic double feature. We're also thrilled to discuss a short film sent to us called AGATHA. It's the usual after that—witch hunting, New Zealand horror, good ol' Mocata...hell, we even try to call The Librarian (we really should make that tradition)! 

Thank you all for listening! 


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