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Back again with a little over a month's hiatus. We did it to piss John off.

Jim's an idiot. The title of this episode says it all.


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Just in time for Halloween, we're back to talk mucho mucho about movies and stuff. You probably want to start listening right now if you want to finish this episode by Halloween. It's a long one.

We start out with the normal chatter about the same old stuff--life, metal (a lot of metal) and some movies we've been watching. much to our pleasure, we have quite a bit of email to read that seems to jive well with our discussion.

We review two GREAT movies for this episode. We hope you all had a chance to watch them. We had to make up for Jim picking Shadow of the Cat last time.

Happy Halloween and WELLINGTON!


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YES! Back to shove our opinions into your ears, we return with episode 25.

It's short and sweet and wonderful. Ryan's obsession with the great Naschy continues, we discuss our opinions on Shadow of the Cat and The Legend of Hell House and then we throw a bit of love to Jimmy Sangster during the Macabre Minute.

No fluff, no bullshit, just 100%, untainted horror. Love it, Fiends!


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What more can we say? Join us along with the official Crypt Librarian, Eric, for the Slimy Limey awards!

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Jim will never be cool again. NEVER.

Join us for our reviews of The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, The Curse of Frankenstein and the final list for Slimy Limey voting.

Terence Cusher? Lame.

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Lots of love in this episode. We get the pleasure of reading quite a few emails and discuss the coveted Slimy Limey awards. With that comes a twist--we had a tie for the films in this episode! What to do! What to do! Will we pick Tower of Evil? The Man Who Could Cheat Death? A Sharon Tate film?

Tune in to find out!

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We apologize for the delay on this one, folks.

It's here now though!

Hands of the Ripper, The Abominable Snowman and even Godzilla!


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Episode 20 is here.

With the help of our good friend, Mark Douglas, we have a new intro! That guy was born with a voice for radio.

We have a serious heart-to-heart about the podcast, crank out some fun reviews about the films and spill some serious love and hate for Spanish horror icons.


Closing hymn: Skulls by the almighty Misfits

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After a brief holiday hiatus, we're back for January's episode. We discuss a bunch of movies that Ryan watched, some Spanish horror films that he's trying to get into, and a interesting Macabre Minute where we list our top five favorite "haunting" movies.

Closing hymn: Jingle Hell by Christopher Lee!

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