Crypt Of The Macabre

Faithful listeners,

Here is our Halloween episode. What makes it different from our other episodes? The timing.

Join us as we don't talk about any music or books and get right down to the movies we've been watching. We discuss Dracula: Prince of Darkness in depth along with The Asphyx and some, email.

For the Macabre Minute, we talk Mummies. Universal's The Mummy vs. Hammer's The Mummy. Who will win? Tune in to find out!

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We're finally back after almost two months away. It's been far too long! Now that things have settled, we'll be back on our regular, monthly recording schedule. You guys needed a break anyway, right? Some time to get all your British horror in order in time for the Halloween season? Right.

During this episode, we have some very big news from our friend and horror writer Jeff Dixon, some tidbits on our favorite modern horror host, Svengoolie, a bunch of music, books and TV chit-chat, and much, much more! We also discuss and rate Quatermass and Vampire Lovers and Ryan has some great films to talk about for the Macabre Minute.

Make sure you check out the blog for other news about this episode as well as our film choices for next month.



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