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Hey Gang!

This episode is a whopping 2 HOURS. Well, almost. We figured Wicker Man deserved a bit of our time to discuss. Besides that, we talk about Uruguay, read some words from Jon and Brian, and of course, we talk about The Curse of the Werewolf too.


Closing song: The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden

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A while ago when we added more storage to our Libsyn account, we ended up dumping ep. 1 and it was nowhere to be found. We here in the Crypt feel that this is an essential episode, so we signed a huge recording contract and spent months in God City Studios with Kurt Ballou re-recording and re-mastering this fantastic podcast. We are very proud to post it for you today.

Found in this episode are our own top 10 lists (which could possibly change over this year!), A Crypt syllabus for our community of listeners, and of course, our own whit and humor in the audio version of 1080p HD.

We hope you enjoy it....again!

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