Crypt Of The Macabre

Welcome back friends!


We have some more email to read this time around including a couple top 10 lists from Andy and Dave. Then we chat a little about random goings on, comics and metal, and then we get to the reveiws.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in this time and we look forward to hearing from you all again soon. Enjoy the show!


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Crypt of the Macabre: Episode 7

Welcome back!

Here it is--episode 7. I suppose you could call it our "Halloween special", but everyday is Halloween, right?

Join us as we welcome our newest friend, Christian, read some email from Eric, and talk about what's been going on. We review the last movies, Horror Hotel and The Plague of the Zombies and list our films for next month. Jim throws out some Mummy love, Ryan talks about his new Hammer Vault book, and then both have a long discussion about genres during the Macabre Minute.

Closing song: Horror Hotel by The Misfits!

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Guys, we are really sorry about the sound on this one. It's bad. We need to thank our friend John from the Burnt Weiners podcast for helping us out to try and fix it, but even his expertise couldn't repair the mistakes that we made during recording. We promise you guys that the next episode with sound much, MUCH better.

We have a bunch of email to go through this time--a lot of lists and input about The Uncanny and Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell. Great comments from everyone! We move on to our movie discussion, next months films, and Ryan's segment on Sir Christopher Lee.

Thanks for listening and again, sorry for the quality.



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Welcome to Episode 5!

I'll be damned...we've actually put out an episode one month after the previous one.

And we have a new mic.

And we're drinking Arizona iced tea and eating tons of candy.

And we're talking some horrors. You'll dig it.

We start off talking about Ryan's playhouse of horror, some music, movies and the like, and then we move on to read a top 10 list of all Cushing movies from our friend Eric. After that we move into our discussion on Captain Kronos-- Vampire Hunter & Frankenstein Created Woman. For the special segment (still yet to be named--hint, hint) we talk about Night of the Demon.

Enjoy and make sure you send us an email!

Closing song-- The House of Hammer by Hooded Menace


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Welcome to another episode!

Ryan and Jim start off the show with some discussion about death metal and all things independant before moving to some fantastic listener top 10 lists and emails (Max makes them look like idiots). Then they get down and dirty to the reviews for this month and a couple of other reviews during Ryan's special segment.

Make sure you check the Crypt blog for next month's films and other fun info!

*Spoiler alert: if you have not seen Hammer's latest film, The Woman in Black, don't listen to the last part of the podcast! We hold nothing back.*

Opening theme: Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath

Closing song: Cannibal Corpse, Hammer Smashed Face

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Jim & Ryan are back again to discuss all things Hammer with Frankenstein Must Be destroyed and The Devil Rides Out, but first they read an email from their friend John who shares his favorite horror movies and music. Thanks John!

After talking about the films, the guys pick the films for next month and then Jim shares some trivia about the great Peter Cushing.

Closing music: Frankenstein by Edgar Winter

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Professor Cushing's Crypt of the Macabre: Episode 2

Welcome back, British horror fiends!

In this second episode (recorded on Friday the 13th, no less), we share some listener feedback, and then get down to the nitty gritty with reviews of Hammer's "The Mummy" and Tigon's "Blood On Satan's Claw".

Films for next month: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (Hammer, 1969), The Devil Rides Out (Hammer, 1968)

Closing Song: "Blood On Satan's Claw" by Reverend Bizarre

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