Crypt Of The Macabre

Good riddance to the damn holidays. To hell with you guys too for not sending either of us birthday wishes. Our feelings are deeply hurt. So hurt, in fact, that Jim makes a crucial mistake and makes more of a fool of himself than normal. He just wasn't on his game. Oh, and he's older now too, so that explains some of his incoherent ramblings.


Would anyone else like to do this podcast with me? I don't know if I can take recording with such a jerk anymore.

Enjoy the show!


General movie reviews - 8:45

Listener emails - 32:39

Official Movie Reviews
Flesh and Blood Show - 57:10
Scream Of Fear - 1:08:54
Movies for next time - 1:24:01
Macabre Minute - 1:28:36
Flesh and Blood - by Johnny Cash
Taste Of Fear - by Wizard
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